Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's early afternoon on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. Odds are a lot of people, especially in the US, will be somewhat less "conscious" by the time clocks strike midnight today. I hope they'll all wake up tomorrow... but unfortunately the odds also are that some of them will no longer be with us. Oh well, people have their reasons, habits and rituals ... and free choice ... for doing what they will. Always have, always will. Hopefully your day will be safe and sane.

This coming Tuesday will be a day of travel for me - heading out for Krakow, Poland, again on an invitation of Pawel Olesiak and Pawel Bernas of Aiki Management My last venture there (November) with the Samurai Game® apparently assisted them with increasing their offerings. Poland is a rapidly growing place, and these two individuals are making a significant difference in the way leaders, managers and teams influence each other and the people they serve. This time we'll conduct two Games back-to-back ... and one group will participate in the simulation two days in a row. I've often received feedback asking to do something like this. Well, it's now going to happen and looks like we'll soon know how it will be received.

Poland will be a quick trip before I turn around, head back home to regroup for a trip to China (April 3-11). The first China stop be for three days in Shenzhen. Then it'll be on to Shanghai, also for three days. Again to deliver the simulation, though in the People's Republic of China it is frequently referred to as The Warrior Game®.

The upcoming April e-newsletter will feature an interview with Dr. Gene Barton, a longtime friend and West Point classmate, and an associate of Allied Ronin. Gene's the president of Paradigm Systems, Inc. ( He has developed some powerful feedback tools available online for leaders, managers and organizations. He's going to talk about this in the newsletter.

The whole notion of feedback seems to be "up" in my world. A number of friends and associates of mine making are some constructive transitions in their lives and/or with their organizations. Good for them!!! It has me thinking about the JoHari Window, something you should know about or, if you already do know about, that you may want to revisit. I first heard of it in 1976, but didn't give much thought to it until Dr. Kathy Kane of the University of San Francisco reinforced its importance in an MBA class where I was guest lecturing.

Do a google search for "JoHari Window" and see what you come up with. I urge caution about the websites that may suggest its quadrants reflect specific personality traits. Rather, I suggest one understand it from the perspective of a model, tool or framework for why (and how) people willing to increase their effectiveness might want to invest time, energy and practice in: (1) becoming more transparent, and (2) soliciting and being more open to feedback. Most of the Allied Ronin programs, especially those delivered in corporate and academic settings, begin with a quick introduction or review of the JoHari Window - its application and value.

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Unknown said...

It is good you are back with your posts :). It will be interesting to read about China and the way the Samurai game went.