Sunday, March 16, 2008

Allied Ronin in Hawaii

March 7-9, Honolulu. The Jodo Mission of Hawaii was our venue for the return of Developing The Warrior Within™. Thanks to the efforts of Ian Kitajima (Marketing Director, Oceanit) and Burt Lum (Mind Wind) it was a wonderful three days of insight, fun, developing practices for personal and professional effectiveness, and expanding awareness of what it means to be a person of influence, honor and dignity.

A highlight for me was observing Agnes Furutani – front row, third from left. Why? Because I recall many years ago being questioned about the Samurai Game® as something women could adequately engage in. My response then was, “Of course!” And I went on to prove my point by facilitating a half dozen “women only” Games in Phoenix to prove my point.

FYI, eight women are currently certified to facilitate the Game - Annie Styron Leonard, Andi Burgis, Kathleen Kane, Ph.D. (University of San Francisco), Miranda Yen and Edwina Chiu (in Hong Kong), Vicki Whiting, Ph.D. (Westminster College), and Kimberly Zinc – and they all do terrific jobs at it. As for the Honolulu participants … take a look at the class just completed. As George Leonard, inventor of the Game has observed – teams led by women hold an edge over those led by men … “women make great daimyos.”

I’m planning to return to Oahu in June to conduct a two-hour workshop, The Art of Practice™, which will incorporate a number of aspects that ground people for participation in the Game, and stand on their own to assist individual and team understanding of approaches to situations of challenge and change. The Art of Practice™ will introduce attendees to the Samurai Game® and the next Developing The Warrior Within™ for Hawaii, will be set for September. Contact Burt Lum at or Ian Kitajima at … or contact the Allied Ronin office at to attend either event.

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