Tuesday, November 19, 2013


 Congratulations Marina Klimova! 
First Russian citizen certified to produce & direct The Samurai Game®

November 14, 2013. Today I watch autumn's first snow in Moscow. My ride from Hotel Garvor to Paveletskaja (the main metro station) is slow, though not as slow as other ventures taken the last few days around this historic city.

The metro station is the first stop on my way to Rostov. I'm looking forward to being back in Rostov. Not that Moscow hasn't been good; it's been great. Gracious people to be with. Wonderful attitudes reflecting the spirit of growth: inquisitive, challenging, reflective, gracious, sometimes struggling, sometimes surrendering. Almost always dignified.

I arrived here a week ago at the invitation of Irina Pak. Originally from Latvia, Irina has lived in Moscow a number of years. She owns and operates a seminar organization structured like many others that have sprung up around Russia the past two plus decades.

Having worked within such a company myself from the mid-1970's through the mid 1990's I made a vow never to be permanently employed by such again. But serve them I do and will, provided their individual leaders and owners demonstrate sincerity and respect towards students, clients and employees. Sincerity and respect are both evident with Irina.

Seventy-two participants attended our Moscow production of The Samurai Game®.

The week prior was spent in Rostov-on-Don, there to serve Marina Klimova who owns a similar company. She carries a like respect for those she serves and employs. We had sixty-two participants in Rostov. There Konstantin Volzhan joined us. He flew in from Tyumen to observe and study. He, like Irina and Marina, owns a similar company from which he serves the Siberian region. And, along with Marina, he visited Petaluma, California in September for the Facilitator Training Course week.

A collegial spirit exists between Konstantin, Marina and Irina. This is good. Russia is a big country in a big world. There is no reason to hoard, or aggressively compete or play the zero-sum games of one against the other that, unfortunately, have plagued many seminar organizations.

My trip back to Rostov culminates this three-week stint. Marina has arranged for a corporate production coming up this weekend. Last weekend she completed her training requirements and is now certified to direct The Samurai Game® on her own. But I'll support her first "solo" delivery before venturing home.

So --- Congratulations Marina Klimova! As with Moscow's morning snow, you are "a first"; but not for a season only; rather for an era. You are the first Russian citizen certified to produce and direct this grand creation of George Leonard's.

Congratulations Konstantin and Irina! You were and are key to Marina's success. I accept your requests and am looking forward to being back in Russia in September 2014 to serve you both again.

©Lance Giroux, November 2013

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